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Yelp Recommended Reviews

stars Liz T.Baltimore, MD

When my insurance changed I had to find a new dentist, which was a bummer because I really loved the dentist I had been seeing since I was a kid. I tried several new dentists and was either unhappy or uncomfortable with their approach/technique. After a particularly bad experience I avoided going altogether for some time, but realized I couldn’t keep putting it off. I found Dr. Goitom here on Yelp; she had great reviews, a convenient location, and took my insurance -yay -so I made the appointment.  Dr. Goitom was very personable and made me feel very comfortable. The office was pristine and cheerful and the receptionist was very friendly as well. At no time during the visit did I feel uncomfortable or uneasy. She wasn’t necessarily the most gentle dentist I’ve been to, but not rough or clumsy, and it was not painful. It was more like she knew what she was doing and ardently working, and the result was extremely clean teeth that felt great after. I highly recommended Pearl Smiles Dental!

My husband who’s borderline terrified of the dentist had an appointment after me and he agreed that she was very pleasant and he felt as at ease as he could be during the exam and cleaning. We will both be back for sure.

stars Helen W. - Alexandria, VA

Honored to be the first to review. Where do I begin?

First, let me say that I am not the type that is afraid of dental procedures, nor am I sensitive to pain. With that being said, I had a absolutely terrible experience with a dentist. The procedure was extremely uncomfortable, the Dentist had no patience with me nor was empathetic toward my pain. She was overall angry, verbally and physically aggressive and didn’t inform me of anything she was doing as she was treating me. A warning that “this may hurt a bit” would have been nice”. That’s when I decided to immediately find another Dentist. This is where Dr. G comes in….

Dr. Liya Goitom treated me for 3 root canals and 4 cavities (Yikes right?, and I was only 25 at the time). After examining me, she let me know what I needed done and gave me treatment options. During the procedure she walked me through each step and let me know what “feeling or sound” to expect. My teeth were in poor condition so I was trying to be strong through the little bit of pain but she was very attentive to my reaction and when she noticed I was feeling uncomfortable she stopped and told me “you don’t have to tolerate any pain” and injected me with more anesthesia. The extra anesthesia made the rest a breeze!!

My graduation was approaching and I was leaving the country immediately afterwards; Dr. G tried her best and was able to make me as good as new within 2 weeks!!!  She literally went out of her way to make sure I received my treatments before I left. Thanks to her I don’t have a half cracked tooth in my graduation pictures!!! :-) :-)

She is gentle, knowledgeable, sweet, and just a pleasure to be around. I absolutely recommend her. I promise you won’t be sorry!  I’m happy she opened her own practice, the only complaint I have is that its so far from me!! Come to VA Dr. G, please :-) :-)

A very satisfied Patient :-)

stars  Neby E.Washington, DC

I just had a root canal, and let’s just say I’m not fond of dentists. Dr G was awesome! She made the process comfortable and informative. She gives you options and is blunt with you about them. Hands down best dentist ever and worth the 30 commute!

stars  Emebet A.Alexandria, VA

I have gone to several dentists asking them if closing the space between my front teeth was possible and to my surprise I was told “no” because the end result would look very big and bulky and that I would not be satisfied. I finally made the trip to Dr. Goitom’s office which is an hour drive from me and I have never been this happy with the smile with which I walked out. Not only do I love my smile, but also looks very natural that some people compliment my smile not sure of the actual change. Thank you so much Dr. Goitom!!!!!!!

stars Christine l. -Elkridge, MD

I have to say that I was incredibly pleased by Dr. Goitom as well as her staff, and the bright and friendly office. I had not seen a dentist in at least 3 years, and have never had one that I liked. Dr. Goitom and her staff were very friendly, and explained everything I should expect during my x-rays, cleaning, and filling of a couple of cavities. She was very aware of my comfort level and asked throughout the procedure if I was ok or needed breaks, which was very appreciated. I have found a dentist for my whole family and will happily return for regular dental appointments.